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<3 Angelina Jolie in Alexander <3

[referring to Philip and his pregnant new wife, Eurydice]

Olympias: Pregnant, so soon? The little whore. He will marry her in the spring, during Dionysus’ festival. And when her first son is born, her sweet Uncle Attalus will convince Phillip to name the boy his successor. And you will be sent on some impossible mission against some barbarous northern tribe, to be mutilated in one more meaningless battle. And I, no longer Queen, will be put to death with your sister and the remaining members of our family.

Alexander: I wish sometimes you could see the light, mother. The truth is he’s taken from you nothing that you’ve not been long without.

Olympias: The only way is to strike. Announce your marriage to a Macedonian, now! Beget a child of pure blood. He would be one of them, not mine. And he would have no choice but to make you king. Eurydice was perfect! If your father, that pig, had not ravaged her first…

Alexander: Say nothing more of my father! Do you hear me? Say nothing!

Olympias: You’re right. Forgive me. A mother loves too much.


<3 Angelina Jolie in The Fever <3

Woman: Where do all these objects come from?… How does it happen that these things are made and not others? Of course, there are only a limited number of workers in the world. And each day they do a limited number of things: some things and not other things. Who tells them what they ought to do? The holders of money. They bid their money for the things they want and each bit of money determines some fraction of the day’s activities. So the people who have a little determine a little and the people who have a *lot* determine a *lot*, and the people who have nothing determine… nothing.



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